Radiant Underfloor Heat Means More Warmth & Comfort

While radiators come up short

  • Effective UFH systems that make you feel warm
  • No drafts from convection and movement of air
  • More hygienic - reduces dust and dust mites
  • Closer to the optimum ‘heating for comfort’ than radiator systems
  • Cheap to run as the flow water temperature is low
  • Radiators are expensive to run with hot water at 60°C or 70°C
  • Radiators are based on convection so often create drafts
  • Bulky designs frequently take up space in rooms
  • Radiators often deliver uneven heat due to air movements within a room
  • They are difficult to control independently so setting room by room temperature can be troublesome

Unlike radiators, the radiant heat emitted from underfloor heating rises evenly throughout the room which circulates hot air around it. This can make UFH systems a more energy efficient solution with increased comfort and control.

How we can lower costs for Underfloor Heating systems

As CircofloPro uses lower flow temperatures, it is one of the most efficient ways of heating the home, whilst also helping to reduce energy bills. By choosing us, you are in safe hands with products that are manufactured to the highest standards. Our range offers installers a simple, fast, and effective way of including underfloor heating on almost any project.

Thus, we make underfloor heating systems that are Easier to Install and easier to control. It means that both the set-up cost and day-to-day costs of UFH can be reduced. So, you can save money and energy in the short-term as well as in the long run with CircofloPro.

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