Straightforward Underfloor Heating

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    Why Should I Install Underfloor Heating?

    Compared to radiators, underfloor heating systems can offer:

    • More effective temperature control that makes you feel warm
    • Fewer drafts as issues involving convection and the movement of air are removed
    • A more hygienic solution as UFH reduces dust and dust mites
    • Optimum heating and comfort that’s more accurate than radiator systems
    • A cheaper to run system as the flow water temperature is low
    • Increased energy efficiency in the long-term

    Thus, whilst many people assume it’s more complicated, underfloor heating can provide a straightforward, comfortable solution for many properties. It usually achieves a room temperature that is closer to the average ideal profile than radiator heating can offer, whilst potentially lowering your energy bills.

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    Why Should I Choose CircofloPro?

    Despite these benefits, problems with traditional underfloor heating systems remain. Installation can frequently be a difficult and lengthy process, whilst the cost for underfloor heating is also a concern.

    CircofloPro aims to address both issues, offering underfloor heating that’s faster to install and cheaper to run. In short, our UFH products:

    • Are simple on design and installation
    • Have a high-quality and durable build
    • Get fitted using a Unique UFH ‘Minifold’ System (meaning our underfloor heating manifolds are easier to lay)
    • Have flow and returns of water that are shorter
    • Offer predictable heat outputs and faster warm up times (boosting efficiency and potentially lowering energy bills)

    Overall, this creates a more intuitive solution for both installation and day-to-day use. CircofloPro aims to reduce the set-up costs of underfloor heating whilst increasing long-term energy efficiency.

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