TileDeck Plus


FOR TILED FLOORS. Simple low build up system for floors intended to have a tiled floor finish.

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The TileDeck Plus panel design combines the 17mm XPS insulation panel with a 1.5mm scrim reinforced cementitious layer to top and bottom, making for easier installation easier and giving an excellent heat output.

When it comes to installing TileDeck Plus, the lightweight and manoeuvrable panels can be cut to size quickly and the 13.2mm pipe fix easily within the pre-perforated channels. The panels are also universal and multi-directional, meaning no separate loops and straights need to be laid

Along with being lightweight, TileDeck Plus also provides an extremely strong support for the tiled floor covering. At 250kPa, the panels prevent the floor from sagging over time and protect the system from being damaged during installation.

The insulating panel helps to prevent downward heat losses whilst the cementitious layer helps to provide a firm base for direct application of tiles, all giving the system a high heat output.

*Due to supply chain volatility caused by Covid-19, the colour of this product is subject to change without notice. This does not effect the quality, specification or performance of the product.

Additional information

Product Description

20mm cement faced XPS insulation

Compressive Strength

250 kPa

Thermal Conductivity

0.035 W/mK

Panel Dimensions

600mm x 400mm x 20mm


13.2mm PE-RT

Pipe Centres


Step 1

Make sure the existing floor is flat, clean and clear of any debris/ dust.

Step 2

For structural suspended timber floors  - We recommend the panels are mechanically fixed to the subfloor using a No 8 x 35mm screw and a specialist 38mm diameter countersunk fixing washer which will be supplied along with your order. These should be used at a minimum rate of 4fixings per panel near to each corner of the panel and suitably spaced for maximum stability.

For a solid (concrete / screed) subfloor - We would recommend applying a suitable floor primer to the sub floor prior to laying the panels.Flexible tile adhesives should be used for sticking the TileDeck Plus panel to the subfloor using the specialist, alternatively we can supply a specialist adhesive.

The TileDeck Plus panels should be installed in a “brick bond” pattern across the floor as shown, starting with a full panel and trimming the last panel in the run to fit. Start the next run with a half panel ensuring that the radius bends line up as required to enable adequate pipe routing, again trimming the last panel to fit. Save any offcuts as these may be useful on other runs.

Step 3

Starting at the manifold and working from the furthest edge of the room, lay the pipe at 133mm centres in a serpentine pattern into the pre-routed grooves in the panel. You may need to create additional grooves for connecting runs using a Stanley knife and / or a hot blade cutter. Ensure there is enough pipe exposed from the floor to reach the ports on the manifold. We do not recommend that you lay any pipe in areas which will be unheated (such as underneath kitchen units). Note: If at any point the pipework is kinked, the coil must be replaced. Repeat these steps until all circuits are laid.

Step 4

You’re now ready to finish the circuit and attach pipework to the Minifold. See page 35for these install steps, ensuring that a pressure test is completed.

Step 5

Once the installation of the TileDeck Plus underfloor heating system has been completed you are now ready to lay your chosen tiled floor covering. We would recommend the use of a primer suitable for tiling. Ensure that you consult with the flooring manufacturer as to the type of flexible adhesive required and whether a decoupling membrane is necessary.

TileDeck Plus Installation - Domestic Extension

Our brand new TileDeck Plus system being installed.