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FOR LOW BUILD UP. Best for low build-up and retrofit projects to suit most floor coverings.

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The LowDeck Plus panel is a low build up underfloor heating panel that is not restricted by floor coverings. The XPS polystyrene panel is only 18mm in height pre-routed at 133mm centres for use with the CircofloPro 13.2mm pipe. This makes it suitable for a variety of floor coverings, such as carpet, tiles, or engineered wood, to be added on top.

LowDeck Plus also has a pre-applied adhesive layer on the underside for Ease of Installation, simply peel and place onto the subfloor. The top of the panel is pre-primed and a 9mm self-levelling compound can be laid directly onto the panels and pipe. This makes it ideal for a low profile underfloor heating system and for projects restricted by build-up height.

The LowDeck Plus UFH system features lightweight and manoeuvrable panels which can be cut to size quickly. The 13.2mm pipe fixes easily within the pre-routed diffuser channels. Moreover, the panels are universal and multidirectional, meaning no separate loops and straights need to be laid.

Our Products all provide an extremely durable support structure. With LowDeck Plus, the low profile underfloor heating panels are suitable for all manner of floor coverings. At 300kPa, the panels prevent the floor from sagging over time and protect the system from being damaged during installation.

For more information, you can See LowDeck Plus on Site with Our Case Studies Here. Alternatively, Submit Your Floor Plans Today to Get a Quote.

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Additional information

Panel Materials

18mm XPS insulation with pre-routed diffuser channels. Self adhesive backing and pre-primed face.

Panel Dimensions

800mm x 400mm x 18mm

Insulation (Compressive Stregth)


Insulation (Thermal Conductivity)

0.034 W/mK


13.2mm PE-RT

Pipe Centres


Step 1

Make sure the existing floor is flat, clean, and clear of any debris/dust.

Step 2

For a solid (concrete/screed) subfloor and structural suspended timber floors, we recommend applying a suitable floor primer to the sub floor prior to laying the panels. Simply peel back the strip from the pre-applied adhesive layer on the underside of the panel and begin to lay down to the subfloor. Ensure to leave a 10mm gap around the edge of the room to allow expansion.

Step 3

Starting at the Minifold, and working from the furthest edge of the room, lay the pipe at 133mm centres in a serpentine pattern into the pre-routed grooves in the panel. Ensure there is enough pipe exposed from the floor to reach the ports on the manifold.

We do not recommend that you lay any pipe in areas which will be unheated (such as underneath kitchen units).

Note: If at any point the pipework is kinked, the coil must be replaced.

Repeat these steps until all circuits are laid.

Step 4

Upon completion of the panel installation, it’s time to apply the self-levelling compound. Depending on the floor covering, the compound should be laid at a minimum thickness of 5mm for tiled floors or 9mm for vinyl.

Step 5

Once the installation of the LowDeck Plus underfloor heating system has been completed, prior to laying your chosen floor covering, it’s time to connect the pipework to the Minifold. See the Minifold installation guide for more information on these install steps.

Gypsy Pond Farm - Domestic Dwelling

LowDeck Plus installation at Gypsy Pond Farm

LowDeck Plus installation - Domestic Dwelling

LowDeck plus installation at a refurbished domestic dwelling.

MayFly - Domestic Dwelling

LowDeck Plus installation at MayFly

Old Park Road - Domestic Dwelling

LowDeck Plus installation at Old Park Road

Park Road - Domestic Dwelling

LowDeck Plus installation at Park Road