FOR SCREED/CONCRETE FLOORS. Economical and fast to install in-screed system.

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ClipRail is the perfect choice for projects needing an economical and fast to install in screed system without compromising heat output and warm up times. ClipRail is also particularly suited to large ground floor installations where screed can be laid. A specifically designed 133mm centre clip system ensures the system locates together to make it easy to lay a serpentine pattern without sacrificing pipe or having to lay large amounts of bedding material. The 133mm pipe centres help to distribute the heat evenly and give the system a high heat output.

Additional information

Rail dimensions

266mm long


13.2mm PE-RT

Pipe Centres


Step 1

Step 1

Lay the expansion foam around the perimeter of the room ensuring the gaiter is facing into the room.Lay insulation in accordance with Building Regulation requirements. Insulation should be laid hard up against the expansion foam with no gaps. The insulation must be suitable to hold the ClipRail and pipe in place.Make sure the expansion foam gaiter is resting on the top of the insulation.Prior to installing the ClipRail, the insulation layer may need to be covered with overlapping polythene sheets if using a flow screed, again the expansion foam gaiter needs to be resting on the polythene. Both the polythene sheets and gaiter may need to be taped up to stop any screed from flowing under the insulation.

Step 2

Step 2

Attach the manifold to the wall using appropriate wall mounting fittings.You can arrange the flow and return pipework in a variety of ways, depending on what is best for your installation. The two manifold arms should be within 500mm of each other to allow for the actuators (with 1500mm of cable) to be connected into the 4-zone wiring centre positioned close by.

Step 3

Step 3

Push the ClipRail through the polythene sheets and into the insulation.These should be nominally 1m apart from each other and must be parallel, use additional at the ends where the pipe loop returns to the manifold.

Step 4

Step 4

Starting at the manifold and working from the edge of the room, push the pipe into the 133mm centres ClipRail in a serpentine pattern.Ensure there is enough pipe exposed from the floor to reach the ports on the manifold. Don’t lay any pipe in areas which will be unheated (such as underneath kitchen units).Note: If at any point the pipework is kinked, the coil must be replaced.

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