Straightforward Underfloor Heating

High performance guaranteed. No waste. No fuss.

  • Simple design and installation
  • Smaller direct ‘Minifolds’ that can also be interconnected
  • Flow and returns are shorter and easier to lay
  • Predictable heat outputs and fast warm up times
  • Forget big manifolds serving large areas
  • Forget loads of bore pipe being squeezed into tiny spaces
  • Forget long lead times and bulky products
  • Forget rip-off pricing

Everyone who installs underfloor heating is used to facing a multitude of challenges. Whether it’s big manifolds serving large floor areas or 24 large bore pipes being squeezed into a cupboard, UFH systems can often be tough to work with.

Indeed, this is the conventional way of installing underfloor heating. It often leads to complicated designs, unpredictable heat outputs, and uncontrollable floor heating. Consequently, this traditional set up creates a difficult installation process and, ultimately, increases the cost.

This is where CircofloPro’s systems come in. But Why Should You Choose Us?


How our Underfloor Heating works – and why we are different

Simply put, our underfloor heating works by being more straightforward than other solutions. Using Circoflo Minifolds – smaller more discreet manifolds – the installation of the pipe becomes very simple. And because the flows and returns are considerably shorter, CircofloPro systems use 133mm pipe centres, which means higher heat outputs and faster warm-up times.

To maintain a comfortable and controllable temperature, each zone of the CircofloPro UFH system can come with a range of different smart and regular thermostats. Combined, this creates a more intuitive underfloor heating solution in terms of both installation and day-to-day use. It means set up costs can be reduced, and energy efficiency can be increased.

So, for more information, you can View Our Underfloor Heating Products Here. Alternatively, head to Our Case Studies to see our solutions in action, or Upload Your Floor Plan Here and Get a Quote Today!