Straightforward Underfloor Heating

High performance guaranteed. No waste. No fuss.

  • Simple design and installation
  • Smaller direct minfolds that can be connected together if you want
  • Flow and returns are shorter and easier to lay
  • Predictable heat outputs and fast warm up times
  • Forget big manifolds serving large areas
  • Forget loads of bore pipe being squeezed into tiny spaces
  • Forget long lead times & bulky products
  • Forget rip-off pricing

Everyone who installs underfloor heating is used to having big manifolds serving large floor areas, with sometimes 24 large bore pipes being squeezed into a cupboard or filling the whole floor area along a hall. This is the conventional way of installing underfloor heating and often leads to complicated designs, unpredictable heat outputs, uncontrollable floor heating and difficult installations.

CircofloPro underfloor heating is more straightforward, by having smaller more discreet manifolds located in one or two more locations the installation of the pipe, and in particular the flows and returns, becomes very simple. Because the flows and returns are shorter, CircofloPro systems use 133 pipe centres which means higher heat outputs and faster warm up.

To maintain a comfortable and controllable temperature with ease each zone of the CircofloPro system can come with a range of different smart and regular thermostats.