CircofloPro Minifolds – How they work

What is an Underfloor Heating Manifold?

Underfloor heating manifolds distribute warm water to each UFH zone, enabling temperature control. Traditional systems usually feature a big manifold that has up to 24 pipes running into it.

However, because the flows and returns of the water need to be long to get to the manifold, larger pipes are needed to keep the pressure drop down to a reasonable level. This often results in a lengthy, more complicated installation process that can send the costs spiralling.

Why we prefer the Minifold

CircofloPro’s unique ‘Minifold’ system uses underfloor heating manifolds that are 80% smaller than normal, hence the name. They can be located more discreetly and in many locations, such as wall cavities or cupboards. Therefore, instead of using one big manifold, CircofloPro uses 2 or 3 smaller ‘Minifolds’.

Underfloor heating minifolds allow the flow and returns to be much shorter, which means 12mm pipes can be used for all Our UFH Systems. The primary pipe connects the CircofloPro minifolds together like a radiator system. And as these primaries don’t have to be in the floor, the installation process is much easier. It also avoids any potential overheating in the floor, which can improve energy efficiency in the long-term.

The straightforward UFH System

CircofloPro’s way of doing underfloor heating makes it easier to buy and install a system. Our range of patented and independently tested products provide a way of installing underfloor heating in any construction. With all the benefits of our minifolds, you’ll know that once it’s installed, your UFH solution will work as expected. So, you can reduce the cost for underfloor heating whilst improving the system quality!

Why Should I Choose CircofloPro?

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CircofloPro Method

A CircofloPro underfloor heating system served by multiple, smaller minifolds. This method means fewer complicated circuits and an even heat distribution across individual rooms.

Traditional Method

Other underfloor heating systems, where the congestion of pipework associated with a single manifold leads to temperature control loss and can damage floor coverings.