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Quick ‘How To’ Video Tutorials

Watch and learn with our quick ‘How to’ videos you can get some extra install tips to lay your underfloor heating efficiently. See our YouTube channel for more.

  • About Us

    A very straightforward guide to our straightforward underfloor heating.

  • Guide to Minifolds

    How to place Minifolds in your CircofloPro underfloor heating system.

  • LowDeck Plus - Key Features

    Key features of our CircofloPro Lowdeck Plus - a versatile low build up product ideal for retrofit projects.

  • TileDeck Plus - Key Features

    Key features of our CircofloPro TileDeck Plus - ideal fo floors intended to have a Tiled finish.

  • Staples - Key Features

    Key features of our CircofloPro Staples System - a quick and economical system for in-screed/in-concrete floors.

  • FloFloor - Key Features

    Key features of our CircofloPro FloFloor System - our versatile floating floor panel that has built-in insulation and can also be glued to the floor deck.

  • CircoBoard - Key Features

    Key features of our CircofloPro CircoBoard System - our inter-joist panel that has built-in insulation and multi-directional pipe channels.

Resource Library

Install Guides

Code Document Name Applicable Products Version
CIG101 How to install ClipRail ClipRail 2021
CIG102 How to install Staple Staples 2021
CIG103 How to install CircoBoard CircoBoard 2021
CIG104 How to install FloFloor FloFloor 2021
CIG105 How to install a Minifold 2 port Minifold, 3 port Minifold, 4 port Minifold 2021
CIG108 How to install TileDeck Plus TileDeck Plus 2021
CIG109 How to install LowDeck Plus LowDeck Plus 2021
CIG110 Pump & Mixing Valve Overview Pump and mixing unit 2021
- How to install a pump & mixing valve Pump and mixing unit 2021
- Typical Wiring Schematic 2021
- Typical Electrical Schematic 2021
- Circoflo Basic Thermostat User Guide Thermostat 2021
- Circoflo Wiring Centre Install Guide 4 Zone Mini Wiring Centre (Wired) 2021
- Circoflo Wiring Centre Wiring Schematic 4 Zone Mini Wiring Centre (Wired) 2021

Data Sheets

Code Document Name Applicable Products Version
CDS101 ClipRail System ClipRail 2021
CDS102 Staple System Staples 2021
CDS103 CircoBoard System CircoBoard 2021
CDS104 FloFloor System FloFloor 2021
CDS105 Minifold 2 port Minifold, 3 port Minifold, 4 port Minifold 2021
CDS106 Wiring Centre 4 Zone Mini Wiring Centre (Wired) 2021
CDS107 Basic Thermostat Thermostat 2021
CDS108 Tile Deck Plus System TileDeck Plus 2021
CDS109 Low Deck Plus System LowDeck Plus 2021
CDS110 Pump & Mixing Valve Pump and mixing unit 2021
CDS201 CircofloPro Pipe 100m of 13.2mm UFH pipe, 60m of 13.2mm UFH pipe, 80m of 13.2mm UFH pipe 2021
CDS202 CircofloPro Bond CircofloPro Bond 2021
CDS203 CircofloPro Flex CircofloPro Flex 2021
CDS204 CircofloPro Prime CircofloPro Prime 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can underfloor heating be used in any house?
    CircofloPro provides a range of systems which are suitable for most houses and floor constructions. Underfloor heating can also be retrofitted into your home too with only a very minimal or no build up.
    How much does underfloor heating cost to run?
    The running costs of underfloor will vary, however, a water underfloor heating system is one of the most efficient means of heating your home. This is because, unlike radiators which can be as hot at 75°C, underfloor heating runs at much lower temperatures of between 35°C and 55°C.
    Which underfloor heating system do I need?
    The type of underfloor system you will require will depend on what floor construction you are installing the system into. CircofloPro supplies systems for screeded, solid and joisted and battened floors. Screeded floors: Although it takes slightly longer for this floor construction to warm up, screed is a good thermal conductor meaning it has the best heat output and will retain the heat for longer. Find out more about ClipRail – CircofloPro’s high performance screeded system. Solid floors: Underfloor heating can be laid over a solid floor using floating systems. The panels are laid directly onto the floor before the covering layer and floor finish are installed on top. As this construction is completely ‘dry’, it is perfect for easily retrofitting within renovation projects. CircofloPro floating systems are designed so that there is a minimal height build up on the existing floor. The panels are also strong enough to provide sufficient support for the floor loads and to stop sagging over time. Find out more about FloFloor and LowDeck – The two CircofloPro floating systems. Joist & batten floors: Underfloor heating can be installed between joists or battens using brackets which support the ‘suspended’ panels. The benefits of this construction in a joisted situation are that there is absolutely no height build up and it easily allows the installation of underfloor heating on upper floors.
    What heat sources can I use with underfloor heating?
    Any heat source can be used with underfloor heating from boilers to renewables (such as heat pumps).
    What floor finishes can I use?
    Most floor finishes are suitable for use with underfloor heating however the resistance of the floor finish (how much it insulates) will affect the heat output. Tiles, stone, wood and even carpet (up to 2.5 TOG) can all be used with underfloor heating. However, make sure that you always read and follow the floor manufacturer’s guidelines before choosing your floor finish.