Northamptonshire – farmhouse renovation

Northampton based JD Plumbing and Heating has been growing its business in recent years after discovering the multiple benefits of buying the ready-to-install underfloor heating systems offered by CIRCOFLOPRO, part of the Ridgespear Group.

The company covers an area from the East Midlands over to Milton Keynes and down into North London, undertaking domestic and other work for private clients and smaller builders, one of whom first brought CIRCOFLOPRO to the firm’s attention.

Founder and Director, John Drew explained: “I have been using CIRCOFLOPRO for all of my underfloor heating installations for the past three years, after a builder I do some work for was using it on a job and I was just really impressed with the flexibility of the approach. It appeals because you can’t always put pumps or manifolds where they should be ideally and CIRCOFLOPRO makes things easier in a lot of circumstances. Service and delivery are also very good: where on one job recently I ordered what I wanted on a Tuesday and it was with me on the Thursday and was laid on Friday. It is also very simple to order or specify, with CIRCOFLOPRO just wanting to know the depth of Celotex (insulation) you’re using and what’s going on top and they do all the rest for you.”

The most recent project where JD Plumbing and Heating has chosen to employ CIRCOFLOPRO is an old farmhouse at Brigstock in Northants that had been substantially refurbished following a flood, where another underfloor heating system was installed, but unfortunately hadn’t performed well. With a new 40 kW gas boiler already in-situ, John measured up for laying CIRCOFLOPRO ClipRail across the whole of the reconfigured ground floor. He continued saying: “There had been issue with the old system due to the depth of screed covering it and the pipe sensors which had been used. We fitted the ClipRail and pipe runs across 100mm of Celotex and the builder then laid a conventional sand/cement screed.”

“The installation was all completed in January, with lovely looking limestone flooring laid on top and the client is very happy with the way it is all working and we’re hoping to do a lot more jobs with CIRCOFLOPRO in the future.”


Bendish – Barn Conversion

A regular customer of Circoflo has made use of their bespoke design service and the custom sized underfloor heating solution to carry out a challenging contract, involving the installation of an air source heat pump, during the conversion of a traditional barn structure in an off-gas area of the Bedfordshire countryside.

Significantly, Air Install Ltd. offered a high performance renewable energy solution to the owner of the rural property at Bendish near Luton, as an economic alternative to the oil-fired boiler package originally under consideration.

The Grade II listed former agricultural building and adjoining structures have been developed into offices, meeting rooms and ancillary spaces for the client’s business, while the complex also includes a gym, yoga suite and kitchen for his private use. Air Install’s engineers have now completed the installation of the ClipRail and FloFloor underfloor heating, supplied as a bespoke bill of materials complete with manifolds and controls, throughout the ground and upper floors and using layout drawings supplied by Circoflo. Commissioning of the full heating and hot water system is due to take place soon.

Steve Kirby, a director of Air Install, commented: “The client was originally looking at having an oil-fired heating system, but we were able to show that an air source heat pump was equivalent to the cost of the boiler plus oil storage tank, and would be more economic to run.

As a company, we operate right across the country, though a lot of our work is in the South-East, normally installing underfloor heating systems with our heat pumps and always going to Circoflo for them. We get good technical advice from Brendan Hourican the National Sales Manager and in this case he recommended the FloFloor system for the yoga suite on the upper level of the barn because the integral diffuser would work well with the 8mm engineered oak flooring which is to be laid over it.”

All six of the Circoflo systems available use the same 12mm pipe at 133mm centres, available in lengths of 50, 70 or 90 metres and a choice of two, three or four-port mini-manifolds to reduce congestion in the floor, while also minimising depth of construction.

In this case three manifolds were required across the ground floor layout, with a further one installed to serve the yoga suite. The nine separate zones vary in length from 29m up to 70m, with design floor temperatures in the range from 25-28.50 C.

Circoflo’s ClipRail is the easy way to install pipes into a screeded floor or where price is critical they also offer a simple staple system. FloFloor facilitates the installation of floating floors across various substrates. CircoBoard panels are used for fitting flush on brackets between joists or across battens, while LowDeck offers the ultra low floor build up at only 15mm. The TileDeck system offers a retrofit solution for both Tiled and Vinyl finished floors and completes the Circoflo offering.

Barry – Church

The congregation of a church in the Vale of Glamorgan can look forward to physical as well as spiritual comfort during services next winter, thanks to a comprehensive upgrade of the building’s heating provision, with a full underfloor heating system from Circoflo having been chosen to deliver efficient background warmth. The work has been carried out by a father and daughter team – Shane and Alexx Weller – who as Cardiff Plumbing & Heating (South Wales) carry out mainly domestic contracts around the southern half of the Principality and across the border as far as Minehead. For this project they were working directly for the Salem Baptist Church in Barry, carrying out a variety of refurbishment tasks as well as the heating upgrade.

A key early decision was to conceal the substantial slope in the floor, which ran from the main entrance towards the pulpit, by fitting timber floor joists creating a 400 mm deep void which was filled with insulation.

Shane Weller recounted: “I went online to compare the different underfloor heating solutions available, to decide which one best suited the needs of the Baptist Church, where it could be so cold that some members of the congregation said they were put off going to services in the depth of winter. As well as the lack of insulation to the structure, it is a very tall space with additional seating around a gallery. CircoBoard seemed to offer the best overall package in terms of performance, as well as ease of installation between the new timber joists.

Circoflo provided drawings and other design guidance before supplying all the necessary boards, 12mm pipe and other fittings on pallets direct to the site. The boards are easy to cut, while the pipework creates four zones leading to two seven port ‘minifold’ arrangements, positioned on either side of the Church with a total length of 1080 metres of pipe all fed via a central pump and mixing valve from the 40 kW Ideal gas boiler we have fitted, along with warm air convectors. It’s fantastic and I’m unlikely to switch to another manufacturer for future jobs.

The CircoBoard panels were fitted flush on the angle brackets supplied between the joists, although they can also be installed on battens, if preferred, before installation of the final finished floor.

CircoBoard is one of six floor construction options available from CircofloPro. Their unique two, three or four port ‘universally versatile’ minifolds, which can be installed in a huge variety of ways with the standard fittings supplied, and the 12mm pipe supplied in lengths of 50, 70 or 90 metres for the ultimate in efficiency and convenience while minimising wastage. CircofloPro also provide the wiring centre, mixing units and programmable room thermostats for setting temperatures over a 7-day period.