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Made for the trade Product Range

Underfloor Heating Made with DIY in mind

One type of pipe, six underfloor systems and three sizes of small Minifolds makes CircofloPro very easy to buy and install.

What you need to install underfloor heating in your home becomes far more simple and predictable.

What you need to install underfloor heating in your home becomes far more simple and predictable.

New to Underfloor Heating?
  • What is CircofloPro Underfloor Heating?

    CircofloPro Underfloor Heating is a warm water system designed to be easy to handle and install, and doesn't need plans and drawings to ensure that the system will perform well. It is ideally suited to plumbers and heating engineers as well as expert DIY's who are confident in what they are doing. We recommend you contact your local heating engineer if you are looking to put underfloor heating in your home - and mention CircofloPro!

  • How CircofloPro Works

    CircofloPro is designed to make underfloor heating easy, simple and straightforward. With CircofloPro, our systems are designed not to require plans and drawings and work using a series of small minifolds rather than big manifolds. Simply browse through our product range, or find your local stockist. If you need help - just call us and one of our experts will guide you through it.

  • Where do I start?

    You can make a start by using our quick quote tool - you''ll need to know what system you need for your floor type first though - head to our products section to find out more!

  • Can I do it myself?

    If you are a confident DIY'er then our system is easy to install and handle. If not, then we recommend you contact one of our stockists who can recommend a local installer for you.

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Our Big Red book has a comprehensive guide to all our products along with install guides and easy to use heat output and specification tables.

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