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Underfloor Heating Made with DIY in mind

Our underfloor heating gives the highest heat output and fastest warm up times of any system on the market. OMNIE Circoflo is designed to have close pipe centres, meaning more warm water pipe per sqm than any other system. This also makes OMNIE Circoflo ideally suited for heat pumps and retrofit projects, because it will still work very well at a low water flow temperature.

Everything you need to install underfloor heating in your home becomes simple and predictable.

Everything you need to install underfloor heating in your home becomes simple and predictable.

New to Underfloor Heating?
  • What is OMNIE Circoflo Underfloor Heating?

    OMNIE Circoflo Underfloor Heating is a warm water system designed to be easy to handle and install. Our UFH Systems don't need plans and drawings to set up, and we ensure that every product performs well for the long-term. It is ideally suited to plumbers and heating engineers, as well as expert DIY'ers who are confident in what they are doing. We recommend you contact your local heating engineer if you are looking to install electric underfloor heating in your home - and mention OMNIE Circoflo!

  • How OMNIE Circoflo Works

    OMNIE Circoflo is designed to make underfloor heating easy, simple, and straightforward. With OMNIE Circoflo, our UFH systems are designed to work using a series of Small ‘Minifolds’, rather than big, traditional manifolds. It speeds up the installation process and can reduce the cost for underfloor heating – a win-win scenario! Simply browse through our product range above or read more on How CircofloPro Works Here. If you need help - just give us a call and one of our experts will guide you through it.

  • Where do I start?

    You can make a start by using our quick quote tool below - you'll need to know what system you need for your floor type first, but you can Head to Our Products Section to find out more!

  • Can I do it myself?

    If you are a confident DIY'er then our underfloor heating system is easy to install and handle. If not, then we recommend you Find Your Local Stockist Here and they can recommend a local installer for you.

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The OMNIE Circoflo Big Red book has a comprehensive guide to all our electric underfloor heating products. It also comes with install guides and easy to use heat output and specification tables. This book includes our two brand new products - TileDeck Plus and LowDeck Plus.

    In action OMNIE Circoflo On Site